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Sugar Brown interviewed by Mako Funasaka for his outstanding Talkin’ Blues Podcast 

 Selected reviews of Poor Lazarus

Album of the month October 2015: Wasser-Prawada

Poor Lazarus review in Blues 4 U
“Last year’s inaugural album was the test that surprised many, but this new album is completely captivated the audience not only in Canada, but also where you can hear the music that so inspired running this great blues musician.”

Poor Lazarus review in Winnipeg Free Press
“Blues music as an art form benefits broadly from his dedication to keeping the genre bona fide as hell and magnificently entertaining.”

We may see the dawn of a new musical genre: Roots Highway, Italy

Article in The Waterloo Region Record: Sugar Brown modern bluesman


Selected reviews of Sugar Brown’s Sad Day

Interview in Penguin Eggs Magazine: Sugar Brown Penguin Eggs – Spring 2014

Sugar Brown’s Sad Day is beautiful old school blues: Review from L.A. Beat
“…sounds like it comes right out of the ’40s and ’50s alongside cats like early Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf.  This is an excellent  CD for people who love traditional delta blues and that vintage Sun Studios, ’50 style sound.”

Sugar Brown’s Sad Day: Review from Blues Underground Network
“I would have never dreamt that this style of fantastic old time blues was still being made and certainly not with such an authentic old time feel. “Sugar Brown’s Sad Day” is a must have album for any Blues lover, no questions asked.”

Sugar Brown’s Sad Day: Review from Bob Mersereau / Top 100 Canadian Singles
“This album isn’t about the hot new blues sound, it’s about raw, dirty, direct, simple…Sugar Brown knows the blues, is the blues.  … Lord help me if this isn’t up for a bucket of Maple Blues Awards next time.”  

Blinded By Sound Review: A time-trip to the Golden Era of Chicago Blues
“It’s gritty and tough, lean and mean, and absolutely free of artifice or pretense… his one sounds like a valid addition to the catalog of classics.”

Bman’s Blues Report: Review
“This is really an exceptional outing for this group and I can’t wait to put it in my car and listen to it cranked a few times!”

Roots Music Report: Review
“(his) knack for old-school sound and feel rings as genuine as they come.  Savvy, sparing accompaniment fills out an inspired-sounding throwback set.”

Blues Blast 101 with Ken Wallis: Review
“Sugar Brown – who is this guy?  He seems to have appeared out of thin air…This release is a delightful throwback to the glory days of the fifties on the west side of Chicago, with some Delta blues mixed in for good measure.”

Lonesome Highway: Review
“this excellent musician, singer/songwriter has produced a ground-breaking take on the blues medium that is at once ancient as the hills and refreshingly modern in its’ stripped bare honesty.”

Blues Magazine Netherlands: Review
“Sugar Brown’s Sad Day is a rare beautiful record. Blues in the style of Chess mid fifties, cutting blues harp and vocals. Goosebumps.”

Interview on The Blues Days of Sugar Brown

Rock Doc Reviews: Gonzo Online
“…the songs are deeply personal and moving, and his mixture of early 50′s Texas country rawness, early electric Chicago blues and Northern Mississippi sounds are strangely compelling. Some solid blues here and worth checking out, particularly if you’re into a vintage vibe.”  

Winnipeg Free Press: Review
“the release delivers the kind of sparse, spine-tingling authentic blues that used to be made in the 1950s by guys with names like Muddy, Chester, Walter and Bo.”